Complete solution for design, printing, automation and centralized control of all labels within your business environment.

The possibility of printing on all known devices, e.g. thermal printers, laser printers, dot matrix printers…

  • It contains all the necessary tools
    for label design.
    Nicelabel designer includes all the tools
    you need, allow you to satisfy all internal
    procedures when you creating a label,
    and to fill in everything your customers
    demands around personalized label
    design: text, graphics, lines, text boxes,
    bar codes, RFID…
  • Bar codes and RFID.
    Add on the label any 1D or 2D bar code
    that fully complies with the GS-1
    standard. Nicelabel permanently updates
    the database with a new standards.
  • Wizard for GS-1 and other standards.
    A simple wizard makes it easy to create
    a GS-label, without previous knowledge
    of the standard.

  • User-oriented interface.
    An intutive designer helps even beginers
    to createlabel templates without any help
    of IT stuffing, coding and training.
  • Increase productivity and print accuracy.
    Create simple applications without
    knowledge of any program language,
    which reduces the possibility of error
    and manipulation, and facilitating work
    of the operator.
  • Integrate and automate the printing.
    Achive a high degree of accuracy by
    automating printing using your data from
    the existing business environment.

  • Document Management Sistem
    Design, sudit, approval and control system
    templates centrally via the web browser,
    without the need to install an application
    at each workstation.
  • Web printing
    Web printing allows all the templates after
    the centralized change is immediately
    available for production.
  • Integrated printing system.
    Integration with SAP, ORACLE and other
    business systems, using their resources
    and master data that will be printed
    on label.

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