Electronic Shelf Label

Today’s retailer needs to respond quickly and effectively to frequent market changes to optimize and enhance their store operations. Opticon Display Solutions address these critical factors of the process: pricing, promotion and cost…



Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a digital price tag that conveniently presents prices, product details, promotions and images. Use ESL to instantly and accurately execute price changes from a centralized location. ESL ensures that your data is accurate and eliminates price discrepancies between the shelf and the checkout. ESL also improves your customers’ experience, reduces checkout time and presents a positive brand image…



Fierce competition requires a strategic pricing policy. ESL and full color displays allow you to set up promotions responsively. For example, if you need to reduce prices to encourage sales and reduce waste on fruit and vegetables at the end of the day, you can easily set up a promotion. ESLs also support graphics and one spot color.



Using Opticon Display Solutions eliminates the need to manually adjust and maintain product prices and information. You can use your staff more efficiently to refill the shop, serve your customers and perform other store operational tasks.

E-paper electronic
shelf labels

Opticon Display Solutions: a new in-store shopping experience.

Opticon ESLs are used in industries such as food retail, mobile shops, point-of-sale, home appliances, pharmacy, warehouse, industry and room signage.

Opticon offers two ranges to meet your needs; EE-range and the PE-range.

Opticon PE-range

The added value of NFC and LED is what diversifies the PE-range from our traditional ESL solution. This enables you to use customer loyalty cards, payment and even pick-to-display solutions. The LED can be used as an indicator for a certain action, to attract attention or to find a product in the warehouse. When you develop a custom-made application, you can add even more functionalities to the Opticon PE-range that gives your customer control of their shopping experience.
Opticon has further refined the ergonomics and aesthetics by removing the need for batteries to create a slimmer fit to make the shelf look neat and the store making an impact to the consumer. The dedicated power rail supplies continuous power, which makes the PE-range a carefree solution by not having to swop batteries in due time.

Opticon EE-range

Opticon’s third generation traditional e-paper label boasts a high contrast ratio and superior viewing angle. It is bi-stable, which means that the image will remain on the display even after power is disconnected. Depending individual usage, these battery powered ESLs can be used for many years. We offer various sizes, optional colors and various mounting options, all to provide different technologies for different needs in the same store.

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